Supporting Multi-Monitor Increases Productivity

VS.NET 2010 has better support to multi-monitor users

The word better means VS.NET 2010 utilized multi-monitor much wisely than previous version. MS looks finished enough higher priority tasks to improve VS.NET IDE, so they get a chance to look into how to support multi-monitor better than before.

Looks the major improvement of VS.NET is it comes with better support of windows layout in the same application.

Support for multi-monitor boost user productivity

Dual-monitor is a common setup in workplace for information workers. Application developers often have dual monitors (some may have three or even four).

Multi-monitor measn larger work space on screen and screen border split the work space so it’s easier to layout windows on different screen.

Create Your Apps with Multi-Monitor Support

This means a lot for mISV. You need design your software with supporting multi-monitor in mind. The software should be designed with the mind that leverage multi-monitor to improve usability and productivity, plus (ideally) do not bring a high learn curve of this function.

Testing cost and effort are obviously higher than before. You need more monitors, test cases should cover different layout and screen size.

If this feature recognized by customers and convert to orders, all works worth it.


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